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Want to help people learn the ins and outs of WordPress Economics? Maybe design is more your thing?

Writing for YangPress

We’re looking for tutorials and articles, short, long, or otherwise, that are written for people looking to get into the WordPress business or Theme Design. Anything that’s not immediately clear should be explained in detail and ideally avoid jargon, or if jargon is used, be sure to explain it.

The Details

Though always open to new ideas and suggestions, the following points are that which we are always looking for

  • Sign up! All work is attributed to you, so we need to have your author profile and bio setup
  • Articles should always be educational, entertaining, thought provoking, or a combination of
  • Titles should be in the article where appropriate
  • Must be not published elsewhere or plagiarized
  • Use examples or cite sources where possible
  • Write in plain text, markdown, or HTML
  • Approximately 500 to 1500 words

Being Published

We’ll let you know when we expecting to publish your work with as much notice as possible. After you’ve been published, we expect, but don’t enforce, that you will be involved in the discussion.


Invoicing takes places once per month, on the first US business day, and must be submitted before the fourth last day of the month. Payment methods available are Bank Wire (within US), International Bank Transfer (SWIFT), and PayPal.

Sound good?

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