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Hello, all, and welcome to YangPress, and to our first series, WP Biz Pro. This is an introductory series where you’ll be taken through the basics of what you need to know, to start looking into your very own WordPress based business.

Naturally, it’s helpful if you’re already a developer, or have a business partner with the skill set, if not, we’ve got that covered for you over on YinPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a extremely popular Content Management System (CMS) How popular are we talking? Well, at the time of writing, WordPress holds over 60% of the CMS market share, and powers over 10% of all websites, so there’s a good chance that you’re already using it, or have used it before.

And with a massive user base, an equally as large economy has developed around it. Independent theme shops are popping up everywhere, and there are a myriad of marketplaces selling stock themes to the masses.

For the Business Owners

WordPress is constantly gaining users and developers, there’s always new versions and bug fixes being undertaken. You can rest assured that you’re using a well supported product. You can even choose to use a framework, and while you may have to pay to use it, you can rest assured your clients are buying in to a supported product.

There’s a thriving community around it, WordCamps are constantly under way all over the world. It’s even to a point where larger cities are having monthly meetups, checkout Meetup.com for one in your area.

For End Users

The barrier to entry for content producers, such as bloggers or photographers, is very low, as the back end is very easy to use, making it an extremely popular choice for these users. The WYSIWYG editor isn’t too far removed from feel and function from, say, Microsoft Word, which most people have probably used. Content can be dragged and dropped in, so even the behaviors required to use it are similar.

It’s also cheap. WordPress itself is free, and the vast majority of web hosts support PHP and MySQL, offer one-click WordPress installs, and often do so for $5 a month or less. Themes range from free to as much as they’re prepared to pay, but it’ll be around $40 USD for a good one, but many thousands of dollars for something highly customized.

WordPress also has an incredible number of plugins, so it’s very easy for those with no technical knowledge to extend their sites function, without the need to code anything.

You Will Be Learning

A foundation in establishing your own WordPress based business, or refining one you already have. We’ll be covering a large number of topics, that include, but are certainly not limited to

  • Where to Sell Themes
  • Sell through a marketplace or go it alone?
  • How to Choose a Niche
  • The Important of Design Research
  • How to Market your Business
  • Supporting Clients
  • Introducing Clients to WordPress
  • Working within the GPL

What we won’t be covering

  • Theme Development. All of our development tutorials and articles will be on YinPress.
  • Advanced functions of a business. There are many variables when running a business, and the differences between each on grow greater the more specialized it becomes. Our objective is to provide a basic template that you can run with, and change over time as you need to

Getting in Touch

We’re always more than happy to hear from you, and you’re more than welcome to contact us with any suggestions, questions, requests, or criticisms that you have.

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Author: Aaron Osteraas


Hey, I’m Aaron! I’m the Managing Editor of YangPress, YinPress, and Million Pens. If you have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, or would like to write for us, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with me!


  • I do plan on signing up the more I know the better I can spend on design or at least be able to do mine on my own to save for the amount of paying for a class

  • Thank you I was looking for a entry-level training experience for WordPress!

  • Thanks for the information. Looking forward to expanding my wordpress reach business.

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