WordPress Marketplaces ThemeForest & Mojo Themes: The Pros and Cons


ThemeForest are the undisputed heavyweight champions of WordPress themes, but there’s a young contender on the horizon who has thrown their hat into the ring for a shot at the title, and that’s Mojo Themes. Who are you going to go with?

Now, you’d think that ThemeForest’s standing as the biggest seller of WordPress themes in the marketplace would mean that they would crush the competition like a bug, but as you can see from this Forum post on the ThemeForest site from two years ago, they’re enjoying the competition. Anyone who knows anything about business knows one thing: Where there’s competition, the consumer wins.

Business and website owners can look forward to seeing both sides upping their games in 2013 and beyond, creating fantastic WordPress themes that we lucky business owners can grasp and implement, taking sites for businesses all over the world to the next level.

Ding, Ding: Round One… Introducing the Combatants

ThemeForest was the brainchild of the Australia based company Envato, who specialise in creating tutorial sites for business owners to visit and learn how to make their businesses run better and become more profitable. ThemeForest has been around since 2008 and is now the go-to place for WordPress themes. They’ve got themes for every type of business: For simple designs for SME’s to giant image based flashy gems for film companies, photographers and big corporations. Whatever you need, you’ll find it on ThemeForest.

With well over 2,000 WordPress themes for sale, ThemeForest are the industry leaders for sure. But like EBay with selling goods used, new and collectable, there are always competitors.

Mojo Themes have emerged as the No.1 contender to ThemeForest’s crown, but it still has a long way to go. It’s come a long way since its humble beginnings in April 2010 though, and now has over 48,000 members and is home to over 700 themes. Putting that into perspective, consider that although it has around a third of the amount of themes as ThemeForest, it has been around for two years less. It’s growing at an incredible rate, and many believe it to be the heir apparent to ThemeForest.

Round Two: The Pros and Cons

The Pros

The number one positive for both could actually be each other. You’re probably scratching your head right now, but consider it: Two giants of the WordPress theme marketplace in direct competition with each other? Bring it on. You’re going to see some incredible designs emerge as one tries to outdo the other. As mentioned previously: The consumer wins! Knowing that you have direct competition means that you have to up your game, and both competitors have the talent and the resources at their disposal to make this battle very interesting.

That brings us to the second positive that both share, but which ThemeForest has the edge: Choice. Business owners are spoilt for choice from both sides, and it’s only going to get better. Let’s not forget that ThemeForest and Mojo don’t just cater for WordPress. They also cover such CMS’ as Joomla!, Drupal, and Magento, to name but a few.

When it comes to price, both sides cater for a wide range of budgets at pretty reasonable prices. Ranging from $4 for a ‘Coming Soon’ theme up to the high end, $50-60 themes. These themes are incredible. Packed with so many features that you wouldn’t know where to start, any business that picks one of these themes is not going to be disappointed. That isn’t to say that the lower priced themes don’t cut the mustard, because they do, and in some cases are better suited to businesses who just want a simple design and features. There is something in the marketplace for all business owners and all budgets.

Both ThemeForest and Mojo have the option of selling exclusively or non-exclusively. In the case of Mojo, exclusive sellers can earn up to 70% of the sale price provided per item, but this means you can’t sell your item anywhere else. Non-exclusive sellers can earn 25%, and have the added bonus of being able to sell wherever they want. ThemeForest non-exclusive sellers can earns a flat rate of 33%, where as an exclusive seller earns from 50% up to 70% as more is sold.

Mojo does have one trick up its sleeve which is very cool and a nice positive over its rival: Joint Forces. Not everybody is a lone wolf, and Joint Forces gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other designers and developers. ThemeForest authors have been looking to snap this up for a while, but Mojo have stolen a march on their rival here. They’ve had it for two years.

The Cons

There are a few widely recognised flaws in the armour of Mojo Themes. Unfortunately, there is always the potential of somebody buying a theme that looks the bomb on the surface, but ends up being all wrong for them. Buying a bad theme isn’t good for anybody, least of all Mojo themselves.

Another disadvantage of Mojo is that you have to sign up before you can make a purchase. This is great for their growing list of members, but it can also put a lot of customers off who might have purchased a theme otherwise. Something to consider in the future, Mojo!

Customer service is everything, and by having no phone support, both ThemeForest and Mojo have let themselves down. We all need a human voice to help us out sometimes, so this is leaves both sides at a big disadvantage. Both sides have great online support, including forums that are full of help for all different themes and services. Forums are fine for getting answers to technical questions, but not everybody is able to communicate this way. Sometimes the human touch is required. It’s also worth noting that whilst ThemeForest authors don’t have to provide support for their items, Mojo authors do. That could swing more beginner users in the direction of Mojo, as they know that you are guaranteed some kind of assistance at least.

And The Winner Is…

ThemeForest are too big and too strong for Mojo Themes right now, and are awarded the victory on a points decision. But a rematch could be on the cards down the road, as both progress and grow. Expect these two to come head-to-head again, and next time around it could be even more competitive. Keep a close eye on the growth of both these two WordPress theme market leaders, because they’re going to be at the top for a very long time.

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Author: Daley James Francis

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