Is Mojo Themes WordPress Marketplace for you?


In a follow up to our earlier piece, “Theme Marketplace or go it alone?” we’re going to be taking a 500 foot look at Mojo Themes, to see if it might be for you.

Mojo Themes launched in April 2010, and has since become the second biggest WordPress theme marketplace, behind the mighty ThemeForest. Although they might only be in the silver medal position at present, they are growing at a healthy rate and have plenty of unique features that we’ll cover over the course of the article.

The custom built website is built with WordPress, which is pretty impressive. It’s easy to navigate and has plenty of cool features that are a great help to visitors to the site, including a regularly updated blog and forum and clear links to the latest and greatest themes at their disposal.

How Big is Mojo?

As mentioned previously, Mojo Themes is growing at a rapid rate. Since going live in April 2010, the company has risen to over 48,000 members, with over 102k sales in Themes and Templates. With 722 items on offer and more coming all the time, who knows how large they could become over the next few years?

What’s for sale?

A wide range of WordPress themes are available for purchase at Mojo Themes, and although this makes up the core of their business, they also have a catalogue of themes for other CMS, including Magento, OpenCart, and Joomla, and as an additional also sell HTML/CSS Site Templates. Although WordPress are the most commonly used CMS for online businesses, Mojo Themes have made a smart move by tapping into other markets too. You never know where the next big thing is going to come from, so keeping the marketplace varied is a great move.

Categorically Speaking

Mojo appear to be doing something that is very smart. They are trying to attract the average, run of the mill customer who aren’t 100% tech savvy and won’t necessary know what they are looking for, as well as the experienced, technologically minded buyer too.

This is a smart move, because there’s a lot of business to be lost and found on both sides. Mojo clearly don’t want to alienate a particular side of the coin, so they’re aiming to capture both. Smart move. By categorizing their WordPress themes, they can achieve this without having to talk down or up to a customer base.

The categories included for each CMS include the usual suspects: Blogging, photography, restaurant and basic business themes. They also have Responsive and Theme Frameworks for the more experienced user. A Responsive Theme is a flexible theme with a fluid grid system that allows your website to adapt to mobile, desktop and tablet platforms. As around 20% of online traffic now comes from a smartphone or tablet device, that’s a lot of traffic your site could miss out on if your site doesn’t look the part on a smartphone or tablet.

Here’s a few great picks for different types of themes that Mojo offer for three very different, but very cool industries:

Photographers – Pulse Premium Photography WordPress Theme
Online Magazines/Bloggers – Harmoni Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme
Restaurants – StoneCafe Premium Restaurant WordPress Theme

Each of these three themes is priced at $39 a pop. If you consider the amount of support and the features available for each theme, that’s peanuts to pay for what will effectively give your website the cool, unique finish it needs to capture the imagination and maintain the engagement of the visitor.


With such a wide range of themes and how incredible they look, you would be excused to assume that the price for themes would be extortionate. That simply isn’t the case. Even the more ‘wow factor’ themes that could intimidate the beginner designer or website owner are priced around the $39 USD range, which is the price of a few less coffees for a week. Not bad for the foundation of your businesses website, right?

The price range drops to as low as approx. $10 USD, but these are usually for “Under Construction” themes for websites that want to put it out there that they are coming and they’re coming soon, just not quite yet. Some see these themes as pretty pointless, but if you are having a re-design from an old theme to a new one, an “Under Construction” theme can be useful.

The most expensive themes are around the $50. But for such a low price, you certainly get your money’s worth, with extensive features and support that will all add up to your site looking pretty special when it goes live. Visitors tend to stick around and come again when a site looks great on the eye, which a website with a top of the range Mojo Theme definitely will.

However, if there is one criticism of the sorting process, it is that the search by Sales/Date/Price seems to be buggy, making it difficult to find absolute extremes. That aside, it definitely pays to sign up to become a member though, as a discount of 10% is offered for people who pay with pre-deposited funds, rather than make on the fly transactions. It’s always nice to be rewarded for loyalty.

Theme Support

Some users won’t purchase a theme without the reassurance that comes with having support from the provider. Although Mojo do not provide support for the themes they sell from the marketplace, they do require that authors are available to offer support. This can be requested on the items sales page and they do mention it in their blog.

Mojo recently announced that they’ve changed their support system, whereby customers can create questions rather than scanning through otherwise non-indexed item comments on the forums. All support questions can be searched, and FAQs for each item can be hosted on their site. Again, the particulars are available in more detail on the Mojo Themes Blog and their detailed FAQ pages certainly help.

Mojo for Authors

Mojo Themes have a pretty good team in place and deal with a lot of the traditional work in house. This means that authors don’t need to worry about the marketing, building and maintaining of the sales platform itself. It frees authors up to do what they are essentially being paid to do: Create some awesome themes to give your website a cool, clean and modern look to captivate your audience.

Mojo do a really good job of keeping their members up to speed with developments and the release of new themes into the marketplace. They have a weekly newsletter that rounds up all the news from the last seven days, and they’re pretty active on social media platforms. Their Facebook page has over 2,870 Likes and they have over 3,100 Followers on Twitter.

mojo weekly newsletter

Authors who head to the home page of Mojo Themes can check out the competition and gauging their skills by going through the 20 newest items and 10 of the most recently updated items. It can really bring out the competitive beast in a designer, but that’s good news for visitors looking for a new theme!

mojo themes homepage with 30 featured items

Another going feature for authors is the ability to be able to customize their profile page, including use of some basic HTML and CSS via a WYSIWYG editor. Unlike ThemeForest, where authors would find themselves heavily managing this page to keep their new items visible, for maximum promotion, Mojo automatically handle this.

mojo author page featuring new themes

Selling Options

Sellers get a pretty good deal with Mojo Themes. Exclusive sellers can earn up to 70% of the sale price provided. As an exclusive seller, you are not permitted to sell your item on other marketplaces. Non-exclusive sellers earn 25% and can sell items wherever they choose, however, the exclusivity with which a buyer sells is a per-item limit.

Mojo Themes also have a great feature where you can choose exclusivity on a per-item basis, rather than blanket across your account, thus eliminating the need for separate accounts. It means that sellers can decide which themes they feel they can make the most money from and aim for a number of marketplaces, thus improving their profile in the WordPress theme world.

Commission Rates

Depending on whether or not the seller has decided on exclusivity for their item, the commission earned changes. A non-exclusive seller earns a flat rate of 33%, where as an exclusive seller starts earning at 50%, this scales up to 70% as more is sold.

% Number of Sales


Number of Sales

50% 0 – 200
55% 201 – 500
60% 501 – 1,000
65% 1,001 – 2,000
70% 2,001+

Uploading Process

Mojo Themes have thankfully made it very easy for users to upload themes. The forms are fairly controlled, meaning that there’s a limited selection as a result, removing the element of choice and making for a quicker, easier conversion rate.

mojo new item upload

Every theme that is added is subject to approval, meaning that they are given a thorough inspection by Mojo’s team of Review Staff before going on sale. Luckily for sellers, if your item is rejected you are always notified with reasons why, with the feedback aimed at being constructive enough that you go back to the drawing board, improve the design and come back with a better item that is likely to be accepted into the marketplace.


Everybody likes to be rewarded for hard work and for being good at something. Badges have becoming an increasingly popular way to build user engagement in the last few years, and their use is simply skyrocketing across all kinds of websites, from designers to bloggers.

Mojo Themes are also utilizers of badges on their marketplace to entice users to buy and sell. They also have a small number of other badges, for having a popular item, contributing to their blog, and so on. With Mojo Themes being the rising star in the WordPress marketplace, any person with a badge with them should wear it publicly on their own site.

Cross Promotion

There are two channels in which Mojo Themes can offer cross promotion:

WPRoots is the latest initiative out of Mojoness, a tutorial site for WordPress development. There’s a matching thread in their marketplace forums where they ask for ideas, to help their developer community overcome problems they face.

They’ve also just launched a new marketplace, Mojo Code. It appears to be predominantly WordPress plugins, but also has plugins for Magento, PHP scripts, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Both of these cross promotional tools help Mojo Themes engage and interact with their members and client base and keep their ears to the ground for any rustlings of news and new ideas that they can obtain for themselves before ThemeForest or any other competitor.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are popular across all types of businesses, and in this niche they are extremely popular. Mojo operate an affiliate program in which for every person that you refer, you’ll receive 30% of their first deposit. They provide a number of differently styled and sized graphics for your use. This could be a great little earner for a user who has a network of contacts who are business owners and looking to buy themes to improve their sites.

What Are The Unique Selling Points of Mojo Themes?

There are a number of WordPress Theme marketplaces out there, so what sets Mojo Themes apart from their competitors? The answer to that question is three things: Joint Forces, Theme Customisation and regular updates.

Joint Forces

If you’re a lone wolf, this may not be for you, but for users who love collaborating, and the challenges and excitement that brings, there’s Joint Forces. As the name suggests, you can join forces with someone else, most likely a designer and /or developer. This has been long sought after by ThemeForest authors for some time, but Mojo has stolen a march on this side of things, having had Joint Forces at their disposal for at least two years.

mojo themes joint forces

Theme Customization

Mojo offer a theme customization service, meaning you can make tweaks here and there to the design, including the headers and navigation. The price start out at $39 for installation, installing WordPress and the theme for $99, or custom theme design and development, for which users are to request a quote rather than a fixed price.

Regular Updates to Keep You in the Loop

The extremely useful and regularly updated Forums mean that Mojo have second-by-second news and updates, and enable people to interact with one another. Whether you’re a buyers or a seller, you can ask the questions you need and get the required answer very quickly.

Pre-sales makes for an interesting choice, as other marketplaces tend to allow comments on the files themselves. A rolling thread in a set place probably makes more sense than a forum, where things get chaotic and, as there are more files, there’ll also be more threads. Alongside these chatty mediums sits the company blog that is used for announcements and marketing.

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Author: Daley James Francis


  • Daley, this is a awesome review of MOJO-Themes. I recently have come across the site and have been impressed with the depth and detail covered for Marketplaces. Thanks again for thinking of us and telling the MOJO story.

  • Themeforest and mojo-themes are saturated markets thats why even elegant themes are rejected there.In case if your theme got approved, it is soon become invisible due to the
    arrival of new items.Solution to this issue is that Authors can submit their themes on those marketplaces which are less saturated like where
    chances of approval are high as well as number of sales because your item will not be made invisble by rapid new arrivals.

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