Establish a Blog to Build Your Audience and Generate More WordPress Business


Running a blog can be a great way to build your audience, keep in touch with customers, and generally have more people visiting your business’ site. Do you know how to differentiate from the rest?

There are a lot of blogs out there; millions of people chattering about what interests them, the things that they hate or love, sharing knowledge, and starting arguments. With all the blogs out there it’s hard to know how you can get heard. After all there are a lot of voices out there. How do you differentiate yourself? How do you keep people coming back for more?

Write Compelling Content

Give your readers great content. Your content should compel your readers to read, and compel them to return. Just splurging out your thoughts isn’t an option. Unrefined, unfiltered thoughts are not that interesting to anyone, and they don’t give a very good impression of your business. If you can write compelling content then you’ll engage your readers and hopefully engage them in your business.

Avoid just doing the standard list posts “21 CMS themes for WordPress” or “the 10 best ecommerce plugins”. People are tired of these posts, and while they do generate traffic via search engines they aren’t the best way to engender reader loyalty. Instead, give your readers compelling content about your business, the business of making themes.

Focus on Your Expertise

Think of your blog as a showcase. It’s the place for you to show off your skills. If you’re running a WordPress theme shop then your blog is the place for you to publish content related to that business. Provide your readers with real insights that they can use in their own working lives. Here are some ideas for the types of posts you could write for your theme shop blog:

  • Advice on theme design or development
  • Case studies on how customers are using your themes
  • Articles on workflow and process for creating your themes
  • Insights on running your theme shop
  • Write-ups of events that you have attended


Engage with your readers. Successful blogs are not created in a void; they’re created by interaction between blogger and reader. Have comments on your blog and encourage people to leave comments. Ask questions, and allow for others to ask questions. Vibrant discussions are crucial to creating a community around your blog. And don’t just engage on your own blog. Visit other blogs in your community, leave comments and engage with those people. Strengthening your internet presence involves strengthening your connections.

Be Social

Get on Twitter and Facebook and chat to people. While your blog’s comments will largely be focussed on the blog content, you can engage with your customers on Twitter and Facebook on all sorts of levels. Share content that you think your users will find interesting. Become a source of information. You could also use Twitter to help people out. Set up automated searches so when a keyword is mentioned you get an alert – it could be “WordPress”, “WordPress Themes” or anything you have expertise on. Follow the keywords and help people out with questions and support issues that they need help with. This is a great way to build your community and establish your reputation.

Think Long-Term

A truly successful blog takes time to build. Even if your first post is a work of art, it’s still probably not going to gain that much traction. The internet is huge and getting your voice heard can be difficult. Think of building your blog as a long term strategy. Don’t just think of it as growing your customer base, think of it as growing your community.

Plan out a blog strategy, set yourself realistic goals, and see if you can achieve those targets. Don’t be tempted to write linkbait or controversial posts just for the sake of traffic. These posts may bring people to your website, but they’re not going to be there for your business or your community. They’re there to get involved in a controversy. It’s better to be known as a company that produces quality content than a company that wrote that inflammatory post once.


The most successful bloggers love to reflect on their success. That means that there are lots of useful posts to help you grow your blog. Read them!

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Author: Holly Bentley

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