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Want to know more about the WordPress economy and learn how to build a business around WordPress itself? Join the YangPress community for free today and get involved with our community, and join our challenge of helping people like you sell 10,000 WordPress themes!

No doubt you’ve heard of WordPress and are most likely using it. With countless developers and designers building themes, and many marketplaces where you can buy and sell themes, all with varied offerings, it can be difficult to know who to do business with, do you use a theme marketplace or go it alone?

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We want to help you sell 10,000 WordPress themes; you can sign up and start your journey right away!

People who opt-in can feature up to six of their WordPress themes to garner interest and hopefully, more sales and clients, check it out


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YangPress is also a growing community. It’s a place where you can you can feel safe and at home to read, learn, discuss your ideas, ask for help, and more. We’ll be providing the best service we can to help you find your way on the path to a successful business.

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YangPress is currently seeking knowledgeable individuals to write great tutorials and articles that deal with running a successful WordPress business. All work is paid for and attributed accordingly. If you’d like to be a part of YangPress, please contact us

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Further Reading

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